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foxsmoulder @leanansidhe220 Dude there is no way your ludus is bigger than my ludus! ;p But you can have the shirt :) 

leanansidhe220 @foxsmoulder What?! My ludus is TOTALLY bigger than your ludus! ;D 

foxsmoulder @leanansidhe220 Mhm mhm, No frakkin way your ludus could be bigger than my ludus. ;P 

@foxsmoulder Oh, my ludus is WAY bigger than your ludus. 

foxsmoulder @leanansidhe220 Oh yeah? If your ludus is so big then where do you keep it? Is is bigger than a bread box? 

leanansidhe220 @foxsmoulder Should we take this to the arena and duke it out? ;) 

leanansidhe220 @foxsmoulder My ludus is so big it out ludus-es your ludus. 

foxsmoulder @leanansidhe220 No 'cos I'll win and then I'll feel bad. And then I'd take your shirt. 

deversum @foxsmoulder @leanansidhe220 calm yo tits ladies :P 

leanansidhe220 @foxsmoulder But it's my shirt, 'cause my ludus is bigger. 

foxsmoulder @leanansidhe220 "Are you ready HEY! Are you ready for this?" ♫
foxsmoulder @deversum @leanansidhe220 Wahahaha

leanansidhe220 @FoxSmoulder Back atcha! ♫

To Be Continued? xD

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Initial Reactions to SPARTACUS: Gods of the Arena

leanansidhe220: @erinmar13 would like to dedicate this song to @MsJaimeMurray (I'm so going to Hell for this. >:D) ♫

erinmar13: @leanansidhe220 i am so going to hurt you for that...sigh...

leanansidhe220: @erinmar13 You're welcome.
@erinmar13 I couldn't resist.

erinmar13: @leanansidhe220 i know i know...

3 cheers to Jaime and Lucy for being fearless and fabulous and gorgeous and all-around HOT!!!


MsJaimeMurray: Thank you great song! RT @leanansidhe220 @erinmar13 would like to dedicate this song to @MsJaimeMurray

erinmar13: @MsJaimeMurray thank you so much for not making any kind of comments about that.

@leanansidhe220 ya happy ya lil bastard

leanansidhe220: @erinmar13 Yes, quite. :D
@MsJaimeMurray Any time, though if you see my obituary soon and @erinmar13 gets tried for murder, don't be surprised. ;)

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